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to Lancaster City. During his time on this unit he was part of a team that was responsible for hundreds of arrests and thousands of felony charges that had a direct and positive effect on the safety of Lancaster City. During the last couple of years with Lancaster City, Anthony became increasingly concerned about how the social justice movement and political leftism where negatively impacting law enforcement and it's mission, especially within urban jurisdictions. In 2020 Anthony felt a strong calling to retire from Lancaster City and, among other things, pursue launching a podcast in support of law enforcement and it's mission. In addition, and most importantly, Anthony is a Christian who believes that our only hope in these troubling times is in Jesus Christ. On this podcast he desires to promote law enforcement in light of Biblical truth, to help people better understand the profession and it's mission, and to stand against the increasingly negative narrative that is being leveled against law enforcement. If you want to hear more about Anthony and his career, check out Episode 13 in Season One, titled "Sgt. Anthony Weaver (Ret.) Episode". In addition the podcast has been highlighted in a Lancaster Newspaper article. Anthony has also been a guest on the below podcast, radio, and TV shows: 

2021: Cross Examine Podcast

2021: Stand in the Gap Today

2023: Stand in the Gap TV Part 1 

2023: Stand in the Gap TV Part 2 


If you are interested in having Anthony speak at your event or as a guest on your show you can email him from the contact page.

Anthony Weaver is currently a police officer in south central Pennsylvania. Prior to that he served for 20 years with the Lancaster City Bureau of Police in Pennsylvania, retiring from that department as a Sergeant. During his career with Lancaster City, he received numerous commendations and awards. He served the majority of his career in the patrol division. He also served as an officer, and at the end of his career, as a Sergeant, on the Selective Enforcement Unit (SEU). This unit's primary focus was on street level drugs and the violent crime it brought


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             Fans Are Saying

Julie W.

Anthony articulates so well the words this world needs to hear! I’m learning so much thru the wisdom of his law enforcement years. It IS a calling! Keep shining the bright light in the darkness and spurring us on!

Nate L.

I am so excited about this podcast, you should be too! Listen and support!

Glenn S.

Great show that gives a ground level look at modern policing in America. If you want to know what the job looks, smells, and sounds like, give Sgt. Weaver and his guests a listen. You'll hear the stories behind the men and women serving on the front line, between civilized society and chaos.

Lisa C.

True narrative of a real life cop...that was devoted to the job and what it stood for.

Adam G.

A great podcast that exposes what it’s like to live in the world of Law Enforcement. It appeals to both those in the profession and those who wish to understand it. Every guest has been absolutely great to listen to.

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